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Justice Makes a Killing

Defense lawyer Bobby Earl returns to face his toughest case.

$12.99 US/ 17.99 CAN Paperback, $6.99 Kindle

Release: July 1, 2019 | ISBN 978-1-7329139-0-5  |Distributor: Ingram and Kindle

Justice Makes a Killing is currently available at Barnes & NobleAmazon and your favorite local bookstore.


When Bobby Earl meets the beautiful but vulnerable Kate Carlson, a prominent LA lawyer who awaits trial in a small town jail for a murder during a prison break, he thinks he knows what’s at stake: negotiate a decent plea deal for a guilty client, pocket his fee and move on. But Kate insists she’s been set-up. To find the truth, Bobby must risk his own life, career and everything he loves by dredging up the secrets of the billion-dollar private prison industry and the powerful California prison guards union, in a desperate battle against a powerful and expanding conspiracy.


Read an interview with Ed Rucker about Justice Makes a Killing, in Audere Magazine!




 “The novel’s plot is enjoyably complex, referencing contemporary issues that go beyond schools and prisons…. The classic courtroom drama at the heart of this story is perfectly orchestrated, and the seemingly impossible odds make Earl’s masterful handling of evidence, witnesses, opposing counsel, the jury, and the judge wonderfully satisfying to read. Rucker has a knack for explaining the minutiae of legal procedure clearly as he weaves them into the story…. A thoroughly enjoyable page-turner.”

— Kirkus Reviews


About Ed Rucker: For decades, Ed Rucker was one of our most prominent criminal defense lawyers. His Bobby Earl novels have been praised for their authenticity, as well as gripping suspense. During his career, he represented numerous high profile clients, including John Orr, the greatest serial arsonist in American history, a trial memorialized in Fire […]

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