In Love With Alice

Alice, a young, almost-successful New York entrepreneur, tries to rebuild her life in the wake of a staggering financial failure, and in the shadow of her wealthy, secretive new husband, who rode to her rescue, and whom she grudgingly loves. A beautiful and poetic novel, Alice is a story of secrets; like Preiss’s earlier work, it is at once a searingly personal tale, a funny and heartbreaking love story (or two, or three), and a sweeping, global satire of the 1980s.

“Alon Preiss’s In Love with Alice weaves a complex, magical web of love, betrayal, and secrets that spans years and continents. Graceful, passionate, and earthy, Preiss’s narrative skillfully conveys emotions and the means by which they are masked.… Secrets, and what we do to hide them, take center stage in this novel that is at once dreamlike and prosaic, poetic and practical…. Each of the novel’s themes, and each of the several relationships portrayed, is intense and poignant in its own right, and the frailties and foibles of Preiss’s characters are revealed in a manner that is at once guarded and intimate.”
— Kristine Morris, Foreword Reviews

“In Love with Alice is a spellbinding love story that is both intimate and universal. In beautifully fluid prose, Alon Preiss explores the ecstasy and despair of his characters’ passions from every possible angle, as well as their consequences across decades. At the same time, this is a novel about the missing pieces in our lives—first loves, absent siblings, parents dead or distant—and how we are haunted by them. In Love with Alice is a complex tapestry of tortured relationships that will stay with me for a long time. And I’m a little bit in love with Alice myself.”
— Clifford Garstang, author of What the Zhang Boys Know and In an Uncharted Country (Press 53)

“A charming portrait of love and heartbreak, success and disappointment, in the closing decades of the 20th- century. Against the backdrop of New York’s social elite, Preiss explores the intensity and fragility of romantic love, and the search for fulfillment in a time of social and technological change. This a memorable and touching novel.”
— Matthew C. Simpson, author, Rousseau, A Guide for the Perplexed (Bloomsbury)

“From the opening page readers will know that they are in the hands of a master: a writer who can take us from Europe to Hollywood to the deepest recesses of his characters’ hearts.”
— Donna Levin, author of California Street (Simon & Schuster)

“What I really like about this novel is the author’s unflinching honesty about relationships: they are messy and it’s not easy to figure out how to make them work. But boy, does the reader have fun watching these characters try!”
— Granville Burgess, playwright, Conrack, author, Stone in the Crick (Honey Brook Publishers)

Publication date: May 1, 2017. Available NOW for pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or from ANY BOOKSTORE IN ANY TOWN OR CITY IN AMERICA