A Flash of Blue Sky

A FLASH OF BLUE SKY by Alon Preiss

Cover10032015Life is a brief flash of blue, in a sky of dark clouds ….

An attorney in New York, choosing between the two women who love him, and between failure and corruption.

A gun-toting Moscow starlet, on the run from the mob, in a Russia struggling to rise from the embers of Communism.

A beautiful young divorcee, lost on the West Coast, seeking a soul-mate without an overabundance of optimism.

A Cambodian warlord, the U.S. senator sworn to help him, and the D.C. mistress who could destroy them both.

Welcome to the 1980s, and a turbulent world eating itself alive.

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“Preiss sets his creative sights high in his inaugural effort, conjuring a dizzying array of characters around the globe. A complex literary drama that’s heavy on symbolism and existential angst, [with] a lively sense of humor.”

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