“Max’s Diamonds” by Jay Greenfield— Identity, Culpability and Loss

Another fine review of Max’s Diamonds, from Amos Lassen:

Jay Greenfield tells us the story of a man who hides his past and that includes a very traumatic childhood. The themes of secrets and lies show the grief that Paul deals with on an almost daily basis. He was unable to stop thinking about the numbers that he saw tattooed on Max’s arm. Even with this, Paul is able to succeed educationally, professionally and socially. We meet fascinating characters that are drawn not only as colorful but with flaws yet we can easily relate to them. There were moments that I could see these characters standing in front of me and acting out the roles they play in the book. Greenfield’s prose, along with his plot, draw us into the novel as we read about religious persecution, guilt and relationships built on lies. I found that more than anything else, the novel made me think and that is what I see as the true purpose of literature.

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