Chickadee Prince Books is proud and thrilled that Henry McGee, truly one of the giants of modern media entertainment, has praised Donna Levin’s There’s More Than One Way Home.

“Donna Levin has spun a romantic murder mystery,” says Mr. McGee, “that will keep readers enthralled from beginning to end.”

This acclaimed new novel tells the story of the young mother of a boy on the autism spectrum, and the impact on her marriage, and within San Francisco’s political society, that result when the boy is accused of murder.

Mr. McGee, a brilliant innovator and an inductee into the prestigious Video Hall of Fame, knows whereof he speaks. As the long-serving president of HBO’s Home Entertainment division for 18 years (he worked for the groundbreaking cable television network for a total of 34 years), he was instrumental in supervising the distribution of many of our greatest films and TV shows into living rooms in America and more than 70 other nations via video and DVD, groundbreaking television shows like The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Band of Brothers and Game of Thrones. Today, he’s a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School.

This titan of both Hollywood and Ivy League academia joins acclaimed authors like Jacquelyn Mitchard, Donna Gillespie, Lesley Kagen, Rita Mae Brown and Lalita Tademy, along with critics from Kirkus Reviews, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and Booklist, who have praised There’s More Than One Way Home and Donna Levin’s literary achievements over the years.


There’s More Than One Way Home is now available from Chickadee Prince Books in paperback and e-book.